Selby Pilates Class Booking!

The Modern Pilates Studio is located at 30a Gowthorpe with Selby Osteopaths & Wellness Clinic. 30 Gowthorpe, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 4ET. This is above the Yorkshire Building Society which is near Thomas the Baker. You can go through the archway and then walk up the external stairs.

Classes and Workshops are taken as block bookings and paid for a minimum of 1 week in advance of the class beginning please. 

For all enquiries about appointment times, class details and prices please contact Alison via mobile on 07966 578216,  

Alternatively you can call Selby Wellness Clinic on 01757 704152,

Sessions and Classes Available

Modern Pilates Studio Group classes

These are small group Pilates classes for 5/7 people. Classes are more intimate than a normal public session so more individual attention will be provided to each person as a result. 

In your small group Modern Pilates matwork sessions you will begin learning to perform your Modern Pilates exercises safely, effectively and to the best of your ability. 

Booking Policy - Terms and Conditions

Classes are offered as block-bookings to ensure that you get the most from your sessions. Drop in/pay as you go is not normally appropriate for Modern Pilates as the exercises taught are progressive, building on what went before in each session.

However, if you miss a class through illness/holidays, there is the option to attend another of the classes being held at the Selby Modern Pilates Studio or within the Villages. Subject to availability and within the same term only.

You must advise on your cancellation a minimum of 48 hours prior to your normal session occurring (121's cancelled later than the 48 hours notice period will unfortunately be non-refundable) .

You will still be required to pay for your termly block of classes and 'catch ups' cannot be used as substitute classes in the new block, transferred, or refunded.  

Referred to do Modern Pilates by your GP or physiotherapist? 

You may have been referred by your medical practitioner to attend Modern Pilates for medical reasons. Prior to any training session/classes you will be asked to complete a comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire. This will be used in conjunction with your sessions to begin to gradually devise a safe, clear Modern Pilates programme that will be personally beneficial to you.

However, before embarking on any exercise programme you should always ensure you discuss your needs with your GP/Physiotherapist/Osteopath or other Health Professional.    

No two clients have the same needs, so careful attention will be paid to all clients who attend Modern Pilates classes.