Fit & Fabulous Class 22/2/22

Loved Fit n fabulous...Thanks Alison. CR

Thank you for that- I enjoyed it. Despite being uncoordinated. CW

Really enjoyed my first Fit and Fab!!!! LT

Thanks for that! Really good class! You're fabulous Alison! JC

Hi Alison, just wanted to say thanks and Merry Christmas, for the first time in 10 years I’ll be starting the new year without regularly taking pain killers for my hip pain, which is down to being able to do so much Pilates, so I’m thinking well every cloud.....

JCz 24 Dec 2020


Thank you! I Just wanted to say thank you for teaching us on your holiday! Also thank you so much for all you have done for us with the zoom classes 😀 They work so well & I'm sure you have helped a lot of people mentally, as well as physically, over the last 6 months. Seeing you and exercising every day will really have helped those who are alone/not working. We really appreciate you & your classes 😀 xx

Cl 20 Sept. 2020


I would like to say thank you for a lovely pilates lesson. I was at the end of my tether before I went in, due to the amount off pain I have been in over the last week. My sciatic nerve was driving me insane. Whatever this something>>>>point pilates (I can't remember the name). By the end of the lesson I was out of pain and walking. All my Dr wanted to do was increase my morphine. So thank you So very much. You are the best. Cant wait for next lesson.xxxx and no side effects lol and you have kept me alive for another week.

C Cole - York

                                    * * *

'Well! Trigger Point Pilates! What can I say? My back was killing me. I attended one session of Trigger Point and became so pain free, I went home and re-arranged the furniture! I have now gotten my own set of prickly balls and foam roller and use them regularly for myofascial release!'



"I started attending Alison's Modern Pilates class a few months ago and the results were quite impressive. I have done Pilates previously, but since I joined Alison's class I realised that I was not doing it right and how important it is to do it properly.I can not thank her enough for all the expert advice and teaching she provides us consistently in the class every week. Alison is very passionate and dedicated professional and a very bright and lovely person to be around. I would definitely recommend Alison to anyone who is seeking to do Pilates and benefit from it adequately, Alison is the best instructor around!!!" 

Service Category: Modern Pilates

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Victoria Shtyka, Secretary, Selby 


'Thank you for an excellent introduction to Pilates Alison! The classes are appropriate to my needs, are in a safe environment and supportive. I am motivated, listened to and asked about what I need and enjoy doing. '

J. Shally, Teacher, Selby


"I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my Pilates classes and the diet I am on have helped me to beat it!"

H.V. Acomb, York 


"Acomb Pilates Classes are close to home with no gym membership to pay. The timing is really good (daytime on Fridays). Alison is an exceptional teacher, continually mindful of students differing needs, making a safe, fun class which we all continue to re-book."

Acomb, York Client: January 2015


'Modern Pilates Class is my 'me!' time. I have less aches in my hip, the teaching is good and the venue is comfortable.'

J Little, Marketing Consultant, Selby


'The Pilates Classes with Alison are friendly, informative and supportive. The venue is warm and welcoming. One of the best things is the learning in a supportive friendly group situation.'

Bob Patrick, Bubwith, Yorkshire


'I now have a less stiff back, Alison provides lots of support in class. Her standard of teaching is good and I enjoy the exercise and camaraderie in Pilates classes.'

Dennis, Pensioner, East Riding 


'My Group Pilates class has been tailored to my pregnancy with lots of support and advice given during class. It feels good to be doing some exercise while pregnant. I am taught very well and Alison is very knowledgeable. It has been good trying something different. I hope to do more Modern Pilates after pregnancy!'

M Mackinnon, Bubwith, Yorkshire 


'In Alison's Modern Pilates classes you feel that you are progressing all the time/improving. Individual support is given as needed. There is a friendly atmosphere. We do a variety of exercises and use different small equipment.'

C Humphries, Further Education Tutor, York                                                      


'Alison has been supportive to me on a number of levels. She delivered exciting creative dance sessions for young people at York Arts Academy, where I was Manager. She helped with the administration of establishing a new Youth Dance Company in York with myself and Edward Lynch. She also joined me in Zumba training for kids in Newcastle. 
Alison is an outgoing bubbly person, with a good heart!'

Donna Fox, Arts Manager, Derby


"I have suffered from low back pain for years. I started taking Alison's Modern Pilates class about 2 months ago and have had such benefits from it! Not only is my low back pain completely gone, but the rest of my body is toning up and strengthening as well. Alison's class is creative and fun and she is able to provide expert information about the exercises and the muscles we are working on. I don't know what I did without Alison's class." 

Service Category: Modern Pilates Instructor

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Chloe Hart: Licensed Massage Therapist & Homeopath: Using therapies that provide relief and aid healthy living.


"Alison has been providing well planned, creative and enjoyable dance and aerobics sessions for children and adults at our local village hall. She has been a pleasure to deal with throughout, expert in her knowledge of a wide range of fitness and dance techniques and able to deal with any challenges with a smile. I would recommend Alison without hesitation." 

Service Category: Fitness and dance.

Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative 

Cate Birch, Experienced Freelance Trusts and Foundations fundraiser, researcher, strategic advisor and mentor 


“Alison is a qualified dance & fitness instructor who has taught, dance and fitness with the Adult Education Service in York since September 2009. She is an expert in her subject area and very caring towards her students, making sure she caters for their varying and individual needs." 

Service Category: Adult Education.  

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert 

Shirley Duff. Retired Head of Operations & Support at City of York Council