Barre Pilates Method! Online!

What is Barre Pilates Method?

Ballet Barre exercises, Pilates, Body conditioning and Pilates stretches are combined for a total body workout designed to lift, tighten and tone. This is a low impact class but be prepared to sweat and feel the burn! Perfect for people who want to see definition and tone without adding bulk. The addition of body conditioning exercises and fabulous stretches make it an all round workout targeting those problem areas.

It Will:

Tighten, lift, tone and shape you!

Be challenging but fun!

Be great for your posture....Have you ever seen a ballerina who does not have good posture?

Strengthen you for your daily and holiday activities! We are hoping Folks!!

Who designed Barre Pilates Method?

Expert Trainer, Claire Wray worked with Tricia Robinson, a dancer with over 20 years teaching experience, to create The Barre Pilates Method.

It takes the very best from the work of Lotte Berk and Joseph Pilates and applies contemporary knowledge from the very latest research about health and fitness.

Introduced into the fitness arena by Claire Wray and Cherry Baker (co-founder of Modern Pilates). Specialist Barre is also taught by Michael King Pilates. 


For further details about classes available please contact Alison on 07966 578216