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Hi Folks!

Plannng  for April 2021

Spring is here, keep moving! Stay fit, strong and healthy.

I am providing Zoom Online Pilates and fitness classes which are interactive.

It is easy to book, just text me (Alison) on 07966 578216, complete a health questionnaire (especially important for new clients), request the class(es) you wish to attend and a zoom invitation will be sent to you to join. 

I am happy to assist personally if you have not used the Zoom App before.

Please look below the timetable for current prices!

Information regarding my philosophy and background is outlined below, so you can decide if I am the teacher for you!  


I became a Pilates Teacher after many years of teaching dance and fitness. It has been a natural progresion. I enjoy helping people to improve their lives by assisting them to achieve better posture, strength and stability so they can lead active, (and where possible) pain free, healthy lives. Teaching Dance and Fitness alongside Pilates enables me to share my passion and love for life and movement with people of all ages, whether 3 years old, or 90+. The combination of teaching these different (and I believe very therapeutic) practical activities assists me in use my mind, body and knowledge of the power of movement, in a positive, motivational way. I enjoy helping others both physically and spiritually.

Throughout life many things affect us, both physically and emotionally. This impact is now even more prevalent. Our environment, upbringing, work and modern society dictate how we move, think and look at the world. Life is complex and I work towards helping people find clarity, peace of mind, fulfilment and happiness. They learn more about their bodies and the movement they can achieve. It is wonderful to see someone become more positive and active in both their lives and thoughts. And I want this to continue even during these sad and difficult times.

I have had wonderful experiences whilst teaching. As a young woman, I was fortunate to be able to share my passion for all things dance and fitness; not just in the U.K. but Germany. I had the opportunity to teach my passion during 7 years whilst abroad and became involved in dance competitions. Since that time I have worked with many local communities, schools and individuals and thoroughly enjoy the smiley faces and happiness that I encounter. I really want people to find that happiness in the face of adversity.

As a Pilates Teacher (I am also still working in the York and Selby area online) I constantly apply fresh knowledge and skills to help people everywhere. I love teaching clients how to improve their bodies. Good posture is really important for everyone and Pilates can provide strength, release stress, decrease pain, improve mobility and provide relaxation (amongst many other things).

My philosophy is that moving and being is important. It is important to look after our bodies and our minds, so that we can enjoy life, remain active and achieve some happiness. No matter how small our movement may be or not be, it can enrich our life,  bring happiness and is incredibly important for our long term health and well being, regardless of age or ability.

I want to enable people to enjoy their physical movement and believe that my teaching both motivates and encourages clients to become physically active, more mobile and in many cases pain free. I can provide one to one postural assessments and Modern Pilates Personal training online for everyone (and in both the York and Selby area). Specialist Modern Pilates classes are also offered to those with neck, shoulder, back, hip and/or knee pain and folk struggling with many other mobility issues. Do call me to see if I can assist.

Qualified in antenatal and postnatal exercise/Pilates I seek to assist clients getting their bodies fit for birth and then back on track!

As a qualified Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor I can offer guidance, help and support with personal weight loss programmes. 

I teach Trigger Point Pilates interesting new method of working with Pilates and the Fascia! Fabulous for relaxation!

I also teach Barre Pilates - Barre Pilates Method classes - a fusion of Pilates and Ballet! 

Spinesafe Reformer 121 sessions are exactly that Spine Safe!! Suitable for Beginners! Unfortunately due to the equipment required and the rules regarding social distancing, I am unable to offer this currently. 

If you want to find out if I may be able to help you feel free to contact me, my details are as follows: email:; phone: 07966 578216